Machines for Finishing Professionals


  • Materials from 20 – 1000 g/m2
  • Register
  • [arve url=”” mode=”link-lightbox” title=”Folded signatures” /]
  • SP pile up to 55 cm pile height, height control by capacitive sensor
  • [arve url=”″ mode=”link-lightbox” title=”Missed and double sheet detector ultrasound, on each station” /]
  • [arve url=”” mode=”link-lightbox” title=”Missed sheet repeat” /]
  • [arve url=”” mode=”link-lightbox” title=”Perfect sheet separation” /]
  • [arve url=”” mode=”link-lightbox” title=”Prepiling system” /]

Brochure finishing

  • [arve url=”” mode=”link-lightbox” title=”DIN A 4 landscape brochures” /]
  • [arve url=”” mode=”link-lightbox” title=”Automatic size adjustment” /]
  • Friction free knife fold
  • [arve url=”” mode=”link-lightbox” title=”3-knife trimming” /]
  • [arve url=”″ mode=”link-lightbox” title=”Two-up production” /]
  • Mini formats, 6.5 cm spine length x 4 cm

Calendar production

[arve url=”” mode=”link-lightbox” title=”tb flex for stitched calendars and blocks” /]

  • Collating
  • Integrated stitching
  • Integrated perforating
  • Feeder and folding device for lining strip
  • Gluing
  • Cross cut
  • [arve url=”” mode=”link-lightbox” title=”Turning and piling” /]
  • 4200 B3 calendars/h, 2400 B2 calendars/h

tb flex inline with Wire-O calendar production

[arve url=”” mode=”link-lightbox” title=”tb flex inline with Wire-O calendar production” /]

  • Calendars and blocks with spiral binding

[arve url=”” mode=”link-lightbox” title=”Wire-O die punching machine tb 201P” /]

  • Square punching
  • Thumbhole
  • Simple handling with 3 lined display
  • Jogger

Form punching, multiple ups

inline with tb 303 or tb 304 or offline
Form punching tb 503 F

Multiple ups tb 503

  • [arve url=”″ mode=”link-lightbox” title=”Up to 5 ups (4 tools)” /]
  • File hole punching
  • [arve url=”″ mode=”link-lightbox” title=”Edge hole punching” /]

Delivery systems

[arve url=”” mode=”link-lightbox” title=”Non-stop pile delivery” /]

  • The sets are counted and collected to piles
  • Pile height up to 15 cm
  • Formats: 14.8 x 14.8 cm to 50 x 70 cm
  • Normal and staggered delivery
  • Piles run continuously on delivery belts with overrun protection

[arve url=”” mode=”link-lightbox” title=”Pallet-delivery” /]

  • Pile height up to 55 cm
  • Format: 50 x 70 cm
  • Normal and staggered delivery on a simple pallet
  • The delivery will be emptied by a hand fork lift


inline with tb collator or offline

[arve url=”″ mode=”link-lightbox” title=”Numbering machine tb 345N” /]

  • Format up to 35 x 50 cm
  • Numbering device with max. 4 mounting rings with 4 numbering boxes each
  • Three retractable zeros
  • Backward numbering, straight or convex for max. 10 copies of ‘SD-papers (40 g/m2)
  • Delivery jogger

The Company

Managing Directors:

Thilo Theisen, Susanne Bonitz, Achim Theisen

Theisen & Bonitz was founded 1982 by Helmut Bonitz and Herbert Theisen. The collators, stitcher-folder-trimmers, punching- and numbering-machines are developed and built in own production halls about 3500 m² large. Presently Theisen & Bonitz employs approximately 40 members of staff.

Experienced conception and construction as well as precise production by latest CNC-machines are the basis for the quality of Theisen & Bonitz machines.

Thilo Theisen

Susanne Bonitz

Achim Theisen

Development and construction

Frame construction

CNS supported parts production